31 October 2019
Two more days of skating

Perri had a skating session yesterday with his dancing partner, and another early skating session this morning before heading up to Leicester for the next show on the Born Ready tour.

28 October 2019
Filming day for Dancing on Ice

All of the Dancing on Ice competitors were together today for a filming session for the show. Make sure you follow Perri on Instagram and keep an eye our for his stories to stay up-to-date with everything.

25 October 2019
More skating today

Perri was skating again today, and this time shared a video of him in training with fellow Dancing on Ice competitor Joe Swash.

24 October 2019
No days off for Perri

Yet another early training session for Perri today, before heading in to central London to meet up with Jordan to record this weeks KISS FM radio show.

23 October 2019
Perri chats to

Dancing On Ice's Perri Kiely isn't here for any favouritism claims about his Diversity pal Ashley Banjo being on the judging panel, insisting it's going to work 'completely against him.'

The dancer is set to join the likes of Ian 'H' Watkins and Joe Swash on the line-up, with Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, and John Barrowman joining Ashley as judges.

While some have assumed Ashley will go easy on his old friend, Perri has insisted it's going to be completely the opposite.

'It's completely against me. I'm a bit nervous,' he admitted to 'I feel like he's gonna be a completely different Ash on the show.'

The 23-year-old added: 'I actually think Ash is gonna be really harsh on me, I can't lie. I feel like some people are like, "He's gonna be really easy on you" but the thing is I've known Ash for the last 12 years.

'Ash has taught me everything I know but he knows exactly what I'm capable of and he's not gonna let anything slide. Definitely not.' He explained: 'He'll know if I'm not at my full potential and he'll tell me. He'll score me low. He's told me.'

Meanwhile, the dancer admitted he was scared to take on his own endeavour, without the backing of the Diversity boys.

'Being on my own is a bit scary. And of course, Ash isn’t on my side, is he? So I'm literally on my own,' he pointed out.

'D'you know what I'm most scared of? I feel like my job role [in Diversity] is being thrown around and now I've got to do the throwing around, which is also scaring me a bit.'

No pressure, then.


22 October 2019
Two training sessions and some filming

After hosting and performing in six SlimeFest shows over the last 3 days in Blackpool, Perri was straight back to training with two sessions today. After training he also did some filming for the show in his apartment. The 'Born Ready' tour starts back up tomorrow in Milton Keynes.

15 October 2019
Another early training session

Perri was back on the ice this morning for another early training session.

14 October 2019
Perri is back to training

After performing 5 shows over 3 days on the 'Born Ready' tour, Perri is straight back to training for Dancing on Ice. Perri is having to fit his skating sessions in around the tour, radio show, panto and Slimefest.

8 October 2019
Perri has his sixth skating session

Today Perri took to the ice again for his sixth skating session. He is currently having to fit his training in around the 'Born Ready' tour.

1 October 2019
Perri takes to the ice for the first recording session

Today was the first recording session for the new series of Dancing on Ice. Perri, along with the rest of the contestants, took to the ice in front of the cameras for the first time. Perri will have around 30 hours of training before the first live show.

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